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The Best Salad I’ve Ever Had

I have a love affair with salads. Any kind of salad, any time, and any place.

This salad consisted of lettuce, mandarin oranges, raisins, provel cheese, mango salsa, grilled chicken and a couple croutons. I then covered it in raspberry vinaigrette and dove in headfirst.

This is the hubs’ salad.

Lettuce, ranch, cheese, chicken and croutons.

I told him he needed more fruits and veggies on it, and his response was: “You’re right, I should fry some bacon!!”

He didn’t.

Trader Joe’s Chili Lime Chicken Burgers

Today for lunch, I whipped up some Chili Lime Chicken Burgers and turned them into a yummy, healthy taco that the hubs and I enjoyed very much.

Trader Joe’s Chili Lime Chicken Burgers

The chicken had a little kick, but nothing too spicy that I couldn’t handle the heat. I topped it with salsa, shredded lettuce, a little shredded cheddar cheese, and diced mango (with cilantro and onion).

It was tasty, easy to prepare and filled me up more than I thought it would! I recommend hoping in your car and driving to your local Trader Joe’s and picking these burgers up! They are in the pre-packaged frozen section.

Weekly Menu

This week, I am making some recipes that we’ve had in the past. I want to see if I can tweak them to more our liking and then actually like the results! We will see how this goes!

The hubs and I also do not have to work until Thursday, so this will be a fun opportunity to tackle some of these together. I love togetherness!

WEEK 6/27-7/3
Monday – Trader Joe’s Chili Lime Chicken Burgers
Tuesday – Salsa Chicken Ranch Toastadas
Wednesday – Shredded Chicken Enchiladas
Thursday – Slow Cooked BBQ Pork Sandwiches
Friday – Spaghetti and Garlic Bread
Saturday – Szechuan Beef Fried Rice
Sunday – Fourth of July BBQ!

Chicken Alfredo Pizza

I’m happy. Oh so very happy.

My husband is the best guy ever. For my birthday he said I could splurge and buy not 1, but 2 pairs of flip flops, pricey (and beautiful) teal nail polish and a Vera Wang clutch.

Then he surprised me by coming home early yesterday (my actual birthday) and he bought me Tina Fey’s book Bossypants!

Tonight he took me to Coldstone Creamery for dessert. Then we hit up our local Trader Joe’s, which I can say now I have become dangerously obsessed. In fact, I’m munching on some seriously delicious white cheddar popcorn right this second.

Ohhhhhhhh boy, I should stop.

Yeah, I got a little off track. I made Chicken Alfredo Pizza tonight for dinner and it was so yummy! The crust was the PERFECT crispiness and the toppings were so blessedly covered in alfredo sauce and melted mozzarella cheese that I practically wept. Sorry, I just really love your normal Chicken Alfredo and I also really love pizza, so this was awesome in my belly. It also took literally no time to cook, as the hubs cooked the chicken last night for me. What a doll. I told you he is the best guy ever.

I seriously think I am the queen of pizzas.

Mexican Bubble Pizza

Mexican Bubble Pizza

Well, I sure as heck don’t see the “bubble” in this recipe…. but to be honest, I’m not sure I care!

The hubs and I love tacos, and we pretty much eat some every week, whether it be out of a box or out on the town. We are Mexican food fiends. This was definitely an interesting take on tacos!

The biscuits were soft and moist (note, I hate this word) and the meat sauce was super flavorful and tomato-y.. which is perfect for me! Top it off with some shredded cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, black olives and salsa and you have an easy, quick alternative to your typical taco!

I am definitely making this again.

Weekly Menu

I feel like it has been ages and ages since I’ve cooked dinner. Which is probably because that’s a completely true statement.

Between packing, moving, unpacking and generally becoming clinically insane… I haven’t had time to breathe, much less cook… but I am back! I scoured over the Pillsbury website and tried to find some interesting recipies to try in my brand new kitchen. I feel pretty good about my choices and am looking forward to getting back in the kitchen!

It’s also my birthday this week! The big 2-4. I don’t have any major plans, but the hubs is taking me out to dinner and I love him to pieces.

WEEK 6/20-6/26
Monday – Mexican Bubble Pizza
Tuesday – My Birthday!!
Wednesday – Chicken Alfredo Pizza
Thursday – Slow Cooker Steak Pot Roast
Friday – Trader Joe’s Chili Lime Chicken Burgers
Saturday – Family Dinner for my birthday!
Sunday – Szechuan Beef Fried Rice

Crock Pot Chicken Chili

Crock Pot Chicken Chili

It may be 90 degrees outside and storming like the world’s gonna end tomorrow.

But that didn’t stop me from making chili today.

And it was delicious. And Weight Watchers friendly! (The website I got this recipe from, is really quite incredible when you want to find incredibly tasty meals that fit within your WW goal. I may not actively be a member of WW, but definitely support the ideas and goals that it promotes. And I probably should be on the program, but counting numbers and making food journals is kind of the most depressing thing I can think of. That may be an exaggeration, but still, the idea does not appeal to me like I’m sure it should.

Anyway, I’m sure I had a bigger portion than I should have (read: I know I had a bigger portion than I should have), but at least it was healthy foods and not ordering twice at Taco Bell or something. Yum… taco bell.

I recommend making this, and taking a look at Skinny Taste for your next WW-friendly meal!

It’s almost my birthday!

So I made myself cupcakes.

Oh hey over there. Miss me?

Wow. So I feel really bad. Terrible, even.

I have neglected this blog so bad in the past couple of weeks. I apologize over and over and over and…(breathe).

Here is whats happened in my world lately:

Memorial Day Weekend
The hubs and I consumed hot dogs, white cheddar popcorn, BBQ Krunchers, chocolate fondue, Buffalo Chicken Dip and a lot of alcohol. Well, that last part was basically me.

Said alcohol, which I have denounced until the next party we throw, left me puking in the only toilet in a house that I was camping in with 17 other people.

2 1/2 hours away from my house.

My bed.

My toilet.

My dignity.

So basically, we left. After less than 24 hours on this trip, we left. I was so incredibly irritated at myself, but my body is just not used to that much junk food (and alcohol) in less than 24 hours.

(is anyone’s??)

The Week From Hell
So this week surely I would have cooked, right? Back on track, in the swing of things, livin large… WRONG.

Currently this is the state of my kitchen:

The reason for this is that we are moving in T-Minus 8 days. I have NOT been counting since the beginning of May. Or last June when we moved in.


So this monsterous mess has been in my kitchen since Monday, when someone wanted to come see the desk. Someone else wanted to come see the TV Stand.

Can you guess the outcomes?

My kitchen is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY unusable. I had to push both of these non-kitchen dwellers out of my kitchen in order to cook a frozen pizza. Pushing them back in wasn’t difficult, but I am not doing it again.

Anyone interested in some furniture?

The best part of this whole scenario is we sold our microwave. Yes, the microwave sold pretty much immediately.

So now, for the next said 8 days, we are microwave-less.

Yeah, life is a cruel joke.

Tonight, though, the hubs and I are splurging on dinner and a movie. I have been craving Sweet Tomatoes like nobodies business, so I am going to load up on lettuce and veggies.

Then we are off to see Bridesmaids. I’ve heard SUCH good things about it, so I am pretty excited to see it. Plus, I love Kristen Wiig. Girl can do NO wrong in my book.

Sigh, well there you go!! I probably won’t be cooking anything until we move in to our new apartment. But I promise I’m alive!!!