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Moving On

Hi friends.

First off, I want to thank you for all of your support with this blog.

I love you all for it.


but now I’m moving. Follow me to my new blog, Quiet & Colorful.


I’m sad to see Newlywed Cooks go, but I need more from my blog than just writing about cooking.
I have a lot more interests in my life that are nearer and dearer than being in the kitchen.

I’m excited to share this side of me with you! :)

The Birthday Thing

I’m too old to say that my husband is having a birthday party.

But I’m too uncool to say I’m throwing a party.

So we’ll just call tomorrow night The Birthday Thing.

I have some yummy appetizers and desserts on the menu, so I thought I’d share!

Taco Pinwheels

The actual recipe says for you to leave them in ‘roll’ form, but I am thinking about cutting them into pinwheels because that would be MEGA ADORABLE.

Pigs in a Blanket

I am making at least 3 batches of these because they go immediately. Even if just my husband was around to eat them, 3 batches would be barely enough.

Pizza on a Stick

This is fun because it’s pizza. On a stick. Pizza on a stick. That just sounds awesome.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

This is the hubs’ favorite appetizer. I’ve made it for tons of different events/parties and he digs it so hard.

Mini Banana Splits

Um, these are just adorable. He doesn’t like bananas, and I’m diabetic. But LOOK at them!! Ugh.

Mini Cheesecake Bites

Ignore the Christmas wrapper on these. His favorite cake is cheesecake and this is way easier than making an entire cake. And cuter.

Rolo Pretzel M&Ms

These were a huge hit at the Superbowl party, so I am making them again. And they are cheap!

Okay, so I have to also share with you this awesome present I bought for him at a thrift store.

By awesome, I mean completely, downright, absolutely 100% cheesy.

But perfect.

Easily the best $10 I’ve ever spent.

Come back soon and see how The Birthday Thing turned out :)


New Look!


Well, well, well.

Life has changed pretty drastically for me in the past couple of days.

I was in the ER on Friday night with a blood sugar of 479. (yes, that’s high.)

I have to see my doctor still, but the premature diagnosis is Type II Diabetes.


I have been nursing a headache, muscle aches and a general weakness all weekend.

So this means……. NEW BLOG!

I will be limiting my sugars and carbs and eating a LOT more vegetables.

While I get used to this idea (it’s definitely strange…), my meals will mostly look like this:

and this

Exciting, no?

It’s alright, you can say no.



Oh hey over there. Miss me?

Wow. So I feel really bad. Terrible, even.

I have neglected this blog so bad in the past couple of weeks. I apologize over and over and over and…(breathe).

Here is whats happened in my world lately:

Memorial Day Weekend
The hubs and I consumed hot dogs, white cheddar popcorn, BBQ Krunchers, chocolate fondue, Buffalo Chicken Dip and a lot of alcohol. Well, that last part was basically me.

Said alcohol, which I have denounced until the next party we throw, left me puking in the only toilet in a house that I was camping in with 17 other people.

2 1/2 hours away from my house.

My bed.

My toilet.

My dignity.

So basically, we left. After less than 24 hours on this trip, we left. I was so incredibly irritated at myself, but my body is just not used to that much junk food (and alcohol) in less than 24 hours.

(is anyone’s??)

The Week From Hell
So this week surely I would have cooked, right? Back on track, in the swing of things, livin large… WRONG.

Currently this is the state of my kitchen:

The reason for this is that we are moving in T-Minus 8 days. I have NOT been counting since the beginning of May. Or last June when we moved in.


So this monsterous mess has been in my kitchen since Monday, when someone wanted to come see the desk. Someone else wanted to come see the TV Stand.

Can you guess the outcomes?

My kitchen is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY unusable. I had to push both of these non-kitchen dwellers out of my kitchen in order to cook a frozen pizza. Pushing them back in wasn’t difficult, but I am not doing it again.

Anyone interested in some furniture?

The best part of this whole scenario is we sold our microwave. Yes, the microwave sold pretty much immediately.

So now, for the next said 8 days, we are microwave-less.

Yeah, life is a cruel joke.

Tonight, though, the hubs and I are splurging on dinner and a movie. I have been craving Sweet Tomatoes like nobodies business, so I am going to load up on lettuce and veggies.

Then we are off to see Bridesmaids. I’ve heard SUCH good things about it, so I am pretty excited to see it. Plus, I love Kristen Wiig. Girl can do NO wrong in my book.

Sigh, well there you go!! I probably won’t be cooking anything until we move in to our new apartment. But I promise I’m alive!!!

Trying something new

I’ve recently discovered something about myself that I cannot share with you yet.

I mostly don’t want to share because I’m embarrassed, but I will just deal with that myself.

Either way, you are looking at Weight Watchers newest member.

Wish me luck!

New Clothes & Easter Baskets

The hubs and I were out all day today… and I am pooped. We had Qdoba for lunch, then went for a tasty frozen yogurt. I should have taken pictures, but I don’t remember this stuff.

I really am a bad blogger. Will you forgive me?

Then, like all Saturdays after paydays… we went shopping!!! (picture less enthusiasm coming from the hubs)

I got a new dress and some shirts at Kohls, a new tank at Old Navy… and bought my husband some polos for $6 a pop. Isn’t that the best deal ever? I think so.

When we went to the grocery store for Easter goodies, I picked up some toasted ravs for dinner. They were delicious! And easy. And cheap. The best combination.

Here is what I am making for Easter:


THEN! I made Easter baskets for my niece and nephew.

They are my best friends. Or I just love to spoil them.

I need my own kids.


I am not dead.

I repeat, I am NOT. DEAD.

It feels like centuries since I’ve posted on here. Mostly because we’ve been so busy, all dinner has consisted of is spaghetti and leftovers. And who wants to see pictures of that??

Yesterday we had some friends over and grilled burgers and hot dogs. Only, silly me, I forgot to take pictures. But just know that it was the best Spring night you could ask for. Add that to sitting around the hot coals with friends and drinking hard lemonade, and you have the recipe for a great time. Boy, do I love this season.

So unfortunately, nothing worth blogging about really… just boring old meals that we ate as we rushed out the door. I’m hoping this week will be a LOT less stressful and I can actually cook the rest of the weekly menu that I had planned out.

Please post some of your favorite recipes for me, or food blogs for that matter, so I can get some new ideas for dinners!

In other news, I want to try this.

DIY Marshmallow Cake Fondant

Look at how colorful, soft and delicious this looks. I think I am going to attempt this for my sister’s birthday next month. I just have to tell her first. But how cute would a cake be covered in bright orange fondant? It would totally match her bedroom, too. I think I will make it regardless. I can’t wait to try it out!

NWC has a new look!

I spent the evening working on a new look for my blog. I pretty much am completely in love with it. Oh my gosh. :)

The only thing I’m a little freaked out about is that I don’t see the ‘older posts’ option for you to see previous entries. I mean, most of you see them based on Facebook and Twitter updates (like how you got here now…) but it kind of makes me a little bummed that there isn’t those links for this theme. I might get used to it though. If anyone has WordPress and/or this theme and has some tips for me, I’d totally welcome it.

As you can tell from the obvious, I changed my theme, signature image and my banner. But I also revamped my categories into actual food groups for easier site surfing. They are to the side on the home page of the blog. Click around and you’ll see that everything flows a little better now.

(Oh right, since you all are coming in from a specific site, click on the banner above and everything I just said will make sense.)

Let me know what you think! I didn’t code this myself, good lord please, but I still want to know what you think!

Not exactly food…

So I haven’t cooked lately due to St. Patricks Day (yummm) but I did make this really awesome banner out of scrapbooking paper and floss. I printed the letters in Photoshop and cut around them on colored paper. Then I just hole-punched each and strung the floss through.

I am pretty much totally lame.

I will post again Monday with a new recipe. :)

i love the UPS guy

The UPS guy is so nice. He left this amazing package on my deck while I was at work. He is just so thoughtful and should be hugged. :)

See how pretty the aqua and the red are together? Ignore the really weird 80’s-ish built in cutting board on my counter. I hate that thing.

Is it June yet?

I used my actual digital camera to take this picture instead of my phone camera. I will remember to take pictures with my camera from now on…… so they aren’t awful.