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Corn on the Cob Cupcakes

Today was my Grandpa’s 90th birthday party. I’ve been lucky enough to be super close with my grandparents throughout my entire life. My dad’s parents were both deceased before I was born, so I was even closer to my mom’s parents than I probably would have been if my dad’s parents were still alive.

My grandma passed away in January of 2009, but I still think she lives on in my Grandpa. He is a strong, determined, caring man and I am so lucky to be his granddaughter.

His stories are full of character, history and bravery. His hugs are full of love.

He is my favorite grandpa, ever. :)

I don’t know what year this was, but either late 80’s, early 90’s. And I was afraid of stuffed animals as a child, don’t tease me. Also this was my favorite dress.

This was my wedding in February 2010.

I decided to make Corn on the Cob Cupcakes for the party, and apparently they were a hit!

They were a lot of fun to make. I used yellow cupcakes, vanilla frosting (dyed yellow), and 3 kinds of jellybeans. The white were coconut, the light yellow were pineapple and the dark yellow were banana. The melted pats of butter were Starbursts that I melted down a little and molded into their shapes.

Seriously sweet, but seriously delicious!



It’s almost my birthday!

So I made myself cupcakes.

Pizza and cupcakes

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

This is what happened when I let the hubs take a picture of dinner while I cleaned.

I seriously need a fancy pants camera.

This is just bad.

On a better picture note, I also made cupcakes! We have some friends over to watch the NFL Draft and I had some leftover chocolate cupcake batter from my Easter Cadbury Egg cupcakes.

I think they are so cute!! They remind me of these cupcakes that I see all over the internet lately. I should have dyed the frosting aqua!

DANGIT my great ideas always come to me after the fact…

Easter Desserts

Well, hello there friends. How was your Easter?

Mine was loud.

See, it’s a credible monsoon outside. Seriously. It has rained for about 10 days straight. We even had tornadoes on Good Friday.

Good Friday was baaaaaaaaad.

Anyway, as I was saying….. my Easter was loud because the children’s Easter egg hunt that is normally outdoors had to be held INDOORS due to the lake that is presently my cousin’s backyard.

But regardless. My Easter was full of goodies.

First we had chocolate covered peanut butter eggs. Unfortunately, our apartment was too hot and the peanut butter kept melting and the chocolate candy kept getting hard. You wanna know the stupid part? The apartment was a chilly 67 degrees, the front door was open and the kitchen fan was on. Seriously? Seriously.

So I had the patience for 7. Voila.

Next came the butterscotch bird nests. I thought these were SO. CUTE. Maybe it’s my current obsession with all things pastel and bird-related, but it could be…. no, it’s probably that.

They were super rich and sweet, so I couldn’t eat more than one. But I marveled at them every time I passed the dessert table.

My favorite dessert of the day had to be these Cadbury egg cupcakes. They had a Cadbury egg baked in.







Spring Cupcakes

I made cupcakes for Trivia Night at my work. They aren’t really anything special, it was a white cake mix, vanilla frosting tinted pink and yellow, topped with sprinkles. But they were a hit. And look super dooper Springy. It was like 75 degrees today!! YES!

And they match my blog. :)

Trivia was fun, and that kind of surprised me! We didn’t win, but the winning table got a case of beer each. I don’t care for beer, so I’m not disappointed. I kind of thought that was a little weird, a work trivia night awarding beer as first place, but hey, whatchagonnado.

Now I’m going to bed; I’m exhausted.

Brownie Sprinkle Cupcakes

These aren’t anything special, but I made brownie cupcakes for a work party tomorrow. I decided to mix Betty Crocker vanilla frosting, milk and peanut butter and make frosting for the tops. However, someone made 3 peanut butter sandwiches today (hint: not me) and I was low on PB. Some of them just have the vanilla frosting on top. Then I sprinkled them with sprinkles!!!

I love them.

I used the same swirl technique that was used on cupcakes for a baby shower I just went to. Of course, the little baker has a culinary degree and is therefore a billion times better than I will ever be. But I think the ones that I did at the beginning are cute.

DISCLAIMER: I didn’t actually use the mixer to make these, because I want to clean it first and our sink has tons of dirty dishes in it. I’m a newfound Kitchenaid Whore.