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Flank Steak Tacos with Cilantro Lime Marinade

Flank Steak Tacos w/Cilantro Lime Marinade

First off, let me just say that I cannot believe it’s already Saturday night. Where did my weekend go? I have such a hard time understanding how the week goes by so slow and yet the weekend is like WHAM BAM GONE.

At least we had delicious, filling flank steak tacos to end this short-lived Saturday. They were so fantastic and I highly recommend them to all of you.

And I used my food processor for the first time!

Food processors have a LOT of pieces, let me just say that. I couldn’t figure out how to put it together but admittedly I wasn’t looking at the instructions. Who actually look at instructions anymore? Well, apparently, I need to.

My night isn’t over yet though. Me and the ladies are going out for happy hour! I’m pretty excited to get dolled up, drink margaritas and eat spinach dip like there’s no tomorrow.

Wouldn’t you?

Weekly Menu

Can you believe it’s May? Well okay, May is tomorrow, technically. Regardless… I am planning meals for MAY. Where has this year gone?? Thank god we are entering Springtime finally; I have needed this weather.

Yesterday was the epitome of wonderful when I got off work. Sunny, semi-chilly and blustery.

Jacket-wearin’ weather.

Or a thick pretty cardigan.

I love cardigans.

Anyway, hello food blog. I apologize for getting off track, but I went window shopping in my head. This in particular had me slightly sidetracked.

But yes, food! Come back to see my recap of these wonderfully delicious looking meals. I can’t wait!

WEEK 5/1 – 5/8
Sunday – Burgers and Tri-color pasta salad
Monday – Calzones
Tuesday – Salsa Chicken Ranch Tostadas
Wednesday – Slow Cooked BBQ Pork Sandwiches
Thursday – Baked Spaghetti Casserole
Friday – BBQ Chicken with my mom’s family sauce recipe!
Saturday – Personal Pizzas; His- Buffalo Chicken & Mine- Hawaiian
Sunday – Mother’s Day with the in-laws. I’m making Red Velvet Sheet Cake. Yum!

Pizza and cupcakes

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

This is what happened when I let the hubs take a picture of dinner while I cleaned.

I seriously need a fancy pants camera.

This is just bad.

On a better picture note, I also made cupcakes! We have some friends over to watch the NFL Draft and I had some leftover chocolate cupcake batter from my Easter Cadbury Egg cupcakes.

I think they are so cute!! They remind me of these cupcakes that I see all over the internet lately. I should have dyed the frosting aqua!

DANGIT my great ideas always come to me after the fact…

Honey BBQ Meatloaf

Honey BBQ Meatloaf

For my first attempt at meatloaf, I think I did pretty good….taste wise. It just didn’t stay in proper meatloaf form. I took a knife to it and it just kind of plopped.

But hey, the honey BBQ flavors really made me happy. Pair that with creamy mashed potatoes and corn on the cob and you have one of my favorite dinners. Yummy yummy.

I’m not in a witty mood right now, so I’m gonna head off to bed. Today was exhausting!!

But hey, at least the sun was shining!

For the first time in a week and a half.

And I left my sunglasses at home.

But that’s another story.

Easter Desserts

Well, hello there friends. How was your Easter?

Mine was loud.

See, it’s a credible monsoon outside. Seriously. It has rained for about 10 days straight. We even had tornadoes on Good Friday.

Good Friday was baaaaaaaaad.

Anyway, as I was saying….. my Easter was loud because the children’s Easter egg hunt that is normally outdoors had to be held INDOORS due to the lake that is presently my cousin’s backyard.

But regardless. My Easter was full of goodies.

First we had chocolate covered peanut butter eggs. Unfortunately, our apartment was too hot and the peanut butter kept melting and the chocolate candy kept getting hard. You wanna know the stupid part? The apartment was a chilly 67 degrees, the front door was open and the kitchen fan was on. Seriously? Seriously.

So I had the patience for 7. Voila.

Next came the butterscotch bird nests. I thought these were SO. CUTE. Maybe it’s my current obsession with all things pastel and bird-related, but it could be…. no, it’s probably that.

They were super rich and sweet, so I couldn’t eat more than one. But I marveled at them every time I passed the dessert table.

My favorite dessert of the day had to be these Cadbury egg cupcakes. They had a Cadbury egg baked in.







New Clothes & Easter Baskets

The hubs and I were out all day today… and I am pooped. We had Qdoba for lunch, then went for a tasty frozen yogurt. I should have taken pictures, but I don’t remember this stuff.

I really am a bad blogger. Will you forgive me?

Then, like all Saturdays after paydays… we went shopping!!! (picture less enthusiasm coming from the hubs)

I got a new dress and some shirts at Kohls, a new tank at Old Navy… and bought my husband some polos for $6 a pop. Isn’t that the best deal ever? I think so.

When we went to the grocery store for Easter goodies, I picked up some toasted ravs for dinner. They were delicious! And easy. And cheap. The best combination.

Here is what I am making for Easter:


THEN! I made Easter baskets for my niece and nephew.

They are my best friends. Or I just love to spoil them.

I need my own kids.


Tacos. From a box.

What do you get when you combine a migraine, ground beef and a half an hour?

Taco Bell from a box.

I love it, really, I do. Mostly cause I love going to Taco Bell. Mmmm, mexican pizzas.

And yes, the whole “THE MEAT ISN’T REAL BEEF!!” issue doesn’t bother me.

And the hubs brought me a mini crunch bar from work. What a sweet guy.

Slow Cooked BBQ Pork with Mango Slaw

Slow Cooked BBQ Pork w/Mango Slaw

This recipe probably has been my 4th variation of pulled pork since I got my slow cooker in June 2010.

That is insane, right?

Well I happen to be a great big fan of pulled pork sandwiches, so I am pretty pleased with myself.

This one has been the most different of any other recipe I’ve tried because it didn’t require adding water or soda. The first one I tried was delicious and the root beer made the pork sweet…. and anything I can smother in Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce is good in my book!! The other one I tried from Pioneer Woman was also FANTASTIC, only we used a tenderloin and didn’t add the chipotle peppers, because frankly I’m a wimp. I also didn’t have an onion on hand. Please don’t ask why, because I don’t know how that happened. The Dr. Pepper and brown sugar made up for it, though. I wanted to bathe in it.

This one, though. Something about this recipe made my heart sing. I just mostly think it was the combination of the ketchup, brown sugar, and the mustard. The onions also added a good level of flavor, so I probably will REMEMBER TO HAVE ONIONS IN MY PANTRY if I ever want to make PW’s variation again.

The mango slaw was also pretty good. I put in that dang cilantro, but no matter how much I tell myself “this time you will like it,” I never do. Ever. The mango and lime combo was heavenly though. It actually made me want a Mango snocone. Right now.

It’s pretty bad when a delicious fresh fruit makes you crave a cup filled with shaved ice, TONS of sugar and mango-flavored syrup.

This is my life.

Spicy Chicken and Pepper Jack Pizza

This is what my night looked like.

This is what my dinner looked like.

Frankly, I was a little afraid of both. On one hand, we were under a tornado watch. It was blacker than night outside and it started hailing.

(Now, the sun is peaking out so I am a little less scared.)

On the other hand, I had a spicy chicken and pepper jack pizza in front of me. Onions, peppers, salsa, pepper jack cheese. Owwwwwwwww. I admittedly added some mozzarella cheese in there to kind of chill it out. It did the trick. The fire alarms in my mouth were only slightly going off.

But if you think about it, wouldn’t you rather those go off than the tornado sirens?

Grilled Brown Sugar Pork Chops

Grilled Brown Sugar Pork Chops and Cinnamon Rice with Apples

I love spring. I love apples. I love grilling. Alright, the hubs grills… but I love eating it!

I don’t love pork.

I thought if I grilled it and smothered it in brown sugar and apples, I would like it.

Well, sure, it helped. But I still don’t particularly like pork.

The cinnamon rice with apples was really good. I loved the cinnamon and apple combo, cause really you can’t go wrong with that.