Oh hey over there. Miss me?

Wow. So I feel really bad. Terrible, even.

I have neglected this blog so bad in the past couple of weeks. I apologize over and over and over and…(breathe).

Here is whats happened in my world lately:

Memorial Day Weekend
The hubs and I consumed hot dogs, white cheddar popcorn, BBQ Krunchers, chocolate fondue, Buffalo Chicken Dip and a lot of alcohol. Well, that last part was basically me.

Said alcohol, which I have denounced until the next party we throw, left me puking in the only toilet in a house that I was camping in with 17 other people.

2 1/2 hours away from my house.

My bed.

My toilet.

My dignity.

So basically, we left. After less than 24 hours on this trip, we left. I was so incredibly irritated at myself, but my body is just not used to that much junk food (and alcohol) in less than 24 hours.

(is anyone’s??)

The Week From Hell
So this week surely I would have cooked, right? Back on track, in the swing of things, livin large… WRONG.

Currently this is the state of my kitchen:

The reason for this is that we are moving in T-Minus 8 days. I have NOT been counting since the beginning of May. Or last June when we moved in.


So this monsterous mess has been in my kitchen since Monday, when someone wanted to come see the desk. Someone else wanted to come see the TV Stand.

Can you guess the outcomes?

My kitchen is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY unusable. I had to push both of these non-kitchen dwellers out of my kitchen in order to cook a frozen pizza. Pushing them back in wasn’t difficult, but I am not doing it again.

Anyone interested in some furniture?

The best part of this whole scenario is we sold our microwave. Yes, the microwave sold pretty much immediately.

So now, for the next said 8 days, we are microwave-less.

Yeah, life is a cruel joke.

Tonight, though, the hubs and I are splurging on dinner and a movie. I have been craving Sweet Tomatoes like nobodies business, so I am going to load up on lettuce and veggies.

Then we are off to see Bridesmaids. I’ve heard SUCH good things about it, so I am pretty excited to see it. Plus, I love Kristen Wiig. Girl can do NO wrong in my book.

Sigh, well there you go!! I probably won’t be cooking anything until we move in to our new apartment. But I promise I’m alive!!!


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