Skillet Chicken with Tomatoes

Well, I didn’t think it would happen again, but I made another really disgusting meal.

I’m just going to be blunt about it.

It was terrible.

No flavor.

No…. oomph.

It was a bowl of watery vegetables with bits of chicken.

Skillet Chicken with Tomatoes

The recipe doesn’t even call for broccoli or corn but I added some to make it more colorful.

This was just supposed to be chicken, carrots, potatoes, stewed tomatoes, onions and chicken broth.

I mean….. what was I thinking?!!?

The hubs added heaps of cheese, which he said helped. But I am not as free to do that. So hrmph.

But at least I ate the whole bowl, and I loaded myself of veggies and basically no carbs.


2 thoughts on “Skillet Chicken with Tomatoes

  1. Diane says:

    Keep it up Kerry. Take care of yourself. Don’t let the disease get the best of you. It is not fun, but keep it up. I love reading what you are trying. How is the blood sugar?

    • Kerry says:

      Thanks, Diane! I’m trying… I’m in the experimentation phase now, seeing what affects me vs not. My 30 day average is roughly 113… that is pretty good! I feel so much better than I have in probably a year. It’s absolutely insane. :)

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