New Look!


Well, well, well.

Life has changed pretty drastically for me in the past couple of days.

I was in the ER on Friday night with a blood sugar of 479. (yes, that’s high.)

I have to see my doctor still, but the premature diagnosis is Type II Diabetes.


I have been nursing a headache, muscle aches and a general weakness all weekend.

So this means……. NEW BLOG!

I will be limiting my sugars and carbs and eating a LOT more vegetables.

While I get used to this idea (it’s definitely strange…), my meals will mostly look like this:

and this

Exciting, no?

It’s alright, you can say no.



One thought on “New Look!

  1. Jeanette Boria says:

    Love the new look. It was fun being your nurse this weekend. Love ya!

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