Turkey and Cheese Sandwiches

Listen, I’m kind of a huge nerd.

I really need Photoshop on my new Mac. I have the full Adobe Design Suite on my HP laptop… but a 13″, 2 year old, barely functioning laptop with Photoshop vs a brand new 21″ desktop that’s a Mac…. yeah, I think I’ll take editing pictures in iPhoto and Open Office (I don’t even have Office!!) over my laptop.

But my Adobe Suite is yelling at me via my laptop from inside my nightstand.

As is my wallet.

And by that I mean my school loans.

Shut up already!

Tonight’s dinner was Turkey, Bacon & Cheese Sandwiches, minus the bacon. I am not a bacon lover (and gasps were heard around the world….) and cooking bacon for one is just too messy for a girl that doesn’t like bacon. The hubs lived.

I also heated up some store-bought Cheddar and Broccoli rice (I could eat rice everyday if it wasn’t so bad for me) and my italian dressing covered cucumbers.

Cucumbers are my favorite vegetables to snack on. I used to dip them in ranch, but I feel like Light Italian dressing is a better alternative.

However, if we compare yesterday’s sandwiches vs today’s sandwiches, yesterday’s totally win. In flavor, texture… everything.

But I do love me some cresent rolls, so that was yummy. I might have pulled out the turkey and cheese glob and ate the cresent roll.

Don’t judge me.



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