Weekly Menu

Can you believe it’s May? Well okay, May is tomorrow, technically. Regardless… I am planning meals for MAY. Where has this year gone?? Thank god we are entering Springtime finally; I have needed this weather.

Yesterday was the epitome of wonderful when I got off work. Sunny, semi-chilly and blustery.

Jacket-wearin’ weather.

Or a thick pretty cardigan.

I love cardigans.

Anyway, hello food blog. I apologize for getting off track, but I went window shopping in my head. This in particular had me slightly sidetracked.

But yes, food! Come back to see my recap of these wonderfully delicious looking meals. I can’t wait!

WEEK 5/1 – 5/8
Sunday – Burgers and Tri-color pasta salad
Monday – Calzones
Tuesday – Salsa Chicken Ranch Tostadas
Wednesday – Slow Cooked BBQ Pork Sandwiches
Thursday – Baked Spaghetti Casserole
Friday – BBQ Chicken with my mom’s family sauce recipe!
Saturday – Personal Pizzas; His- Buffalo Chicken & Mine- Hawaiian
Sunday – Mother’s Day with the in-laws. I’m making Red Velvet Sheet Cake. Yum!

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