New Clothes & Easter Baskets

The hubs and I were out all day today… and I am pooped. We had Qdoba for lunch, then went for a tasty frozen yogurt. I should have taken pictures, but I don’t remember this stuff.

I really am a bad blogger. Will you forgive me?

Then, like all Saturdays after paydays… we went shopping!!! (picture less enthusiasm coming from the hubs)

I got a new dress and some shirts at Kohls, a new tank at Old Navy… and bought my husband some polos for $6 a pop. Isn’t that the best deal ever? I think so.

When we went to the grocery store for Easter goodies, I picked up some toasted ravs for dinner. They were delicious! And easy. And cheap. The best combination.

Here is what I am making for Easter:


THEN! I made Easter baskets for my niece and nephew.

They are my best friends. Or I just love to spoil them.

I need my own kids.


3 thoughts on “New Clothes & Easter Baskets

  1. Halley says:

    Those easter baskets are gorgeous! I bet they were pretty happy with them.

    • They loved them! I was so overly, outwardly excited, they almost didn’t know how to respond. Once I backed off, they were showing each other their new toys and shirts and really were into the stuff!! Ha.

  2. […] hubs and I had my brother, sister-in-law and their 2 kids (read: Easter Baskets) and my younger sister over for lunch on Sunday. My sister-in-law dyed my […]

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