Cheesy Pepperoni Pizza Quick Bread


I love bread. And I like pizza. But I never thought to mix them together…

…until now.

Cheesy Pepperoni Pizza Quick Bread

My love for bread and all things dough-y started from childhood. My mom actually used to laugh and tell me that’s why she named me Kerry. You know, “Ba-KERRY”…..bakery. I just love anything to do with risen dough. My sister in law actually just got one of those automatic bread makers and I am INSANELY jealous. She can have perfectly concocted bread at her disposal… whenever she wants, at a mere press of a button. That sounds like heaven on earth.

I haven’t always been a pizza lover though. That has sprung up recently. I used to be allergic to dairy (WHAT!) and couldn’t partake in cheesy, buttery pizza like everyone else, so I just kind of resented it. Sometimes I would order it from Domino’s without cheese, but it was basically eating a glorified breadstick and not worth the money.

Besides, everyone just made fun of me.

But now. Oh, NOW I can eat everything. So the second I saw this recipe on Picky Palate, I knew I had to have my hand at it. I think I managed to produce a pretty decent loaf of pizza bread for my first go-around. The top got a little burnt, but I mostly blame that on my 1980’s oven that my apartment thinks is still in good shape. Seriously, it’s a nightmare.

The inside is moist, chewy and definitely cheesy. The pepperoni is perfectly cooked and the sauce adds just enough liquid to break up the dense batter. I seriously will make this again…. hopefully our new apartment comes furnished with an oven from the 90’s. Even that will be an improvement!

Yeah. This was good. (Just ignore the burnt pieces.)

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