I am not dead.

I repeat, I am NOT. DEAD.

It feels like centuries since I’ve posted on here. Mostly because we’ve been so busy, all dinner has consisted of is spaghetti and leftovers. And who wants to see pictures of that??

Yesterday we had some friends over and grilled burgers and hot dogs. Only, silly me, I forgot to take pictures. But just know that it was the best Spring night you could ask for. Add that to sitting around the hot coals with friends and drinking hard lemonade, and you have the recipe for a great time. Boy, do I love this season.

So unfortunately, nothing worth blogging about really… just boring old meals that we ate as we rushed out the door. I’m hoping this week will be a LOT less stressful and I can actually cook the rest of the weekly menu that I had planned out.

Please post some of your favorite recipes for me, or food blogs for that matter, so I can get some new ideas for dinners!

In other news, I want to try this.

DIY Marshmallow Cake Fondant

Look at how colorful, soft and delicious this looks. I think I am going to attempt this for my sister’s birthday next month. I just have to tell her first. But how cute would a cake be covered in bright orange fondant? It would totally match her bedroom, too. I think I will make it regardless. I can’t wait to try it out!


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