Brownie Sprinkle Cupcakes

These aren’t anything special, but I made brownie cupcakes for a work party tomorrow. I decided to mix Betty Crocker vanilla frosting, milk and peanut butter and make frosting for the tops. However, someone made 3 peanut butter sandwiches today (hint: not me) and I was low on PB. Some of them just have the vanilla frosting on top. Then I sprinkled them with sprinkles!!!

I love them.

I used the same swirl technique that was used on cupcakes for a baby shower I just went to. Of course, the little baker has a culinary degree and is therefore a billion times better than I will ever be. But I think the ones that I did at the beginning are cute.

DISCLAIMER: I didn’t actually use the mixer to make these, because I want to clean it first and our sink has tons of dirty dishes in it. I’m a newfound Kitchenaid Whore.

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