aqua/red is the new blue/green

So, ask anyone. Blue and green are my colors…. I believed they were exemplary of my personality.

My wedding was themed in blue and green, my college apartment bedspread was blue and green, and I’m pretty much attracted to anything in this color scheme. In fact, ironically enough…. my husband is sitting across from me and he is wearing blue and green. I might go hug him.

However.. this might be coming to an end. I’m discovering that my most recent purchases have all been of the aqua and red persuasion. A new print for over the couch: red. A new trench coat… well actually 2 new trench coats: 1 aqua and 1 red. THIS BLOG IS AQUA AND RED AND I JUST REALIZED IT. My first floor bathroom is even red and aqua!! I just love the crispness of the aqua with the brightness of red… it makes my heart happy.

The hubs and I are moving into a 1 bedroom apartment come the end of June. While we are HEAVILY downgrading from a 2 bedroom (2 floor) townhouse, I am excited for the lack of usable surface area. Less space means less mess, and it also means more room for organization, wall decor and staging. And believe me, I’m going all out.

Since this is my food blog, here is a picture from the apartment’s website of our new (small) kitchen:

I think it’s gorgeous! The appliances are all relatively new, the counter tops are nicer than some of my friend’s homes and the cabinets are so pretty and white. And a built in microwave, score! I can’t wait. And what better color scheme than aqua and red to complement this pretty white kitchen?!

Here are my first two additions to my new space:

Well, isn’t she gorgeous. I don’t actually have her yet, because we ordered it from Best Buy. Which by the way…. LOVE that store. They had it for $299 and $20 shipping which kind of made my heart hurt and hubby love me a little less. But then the girl looked up competitor prices, because apparently they price match (who knew?) and I ended up getting the Sears sale of $259 and shipping of $12. BETTER! I can’t wait to get her into my kitchen with my red pots/pans and toaster. Mmmmm.

I found this picture at Target, of course. Doesn’t it just LOOK like Target?? It’s not really a painting, or a picture or a print. It’s as if they took a piece of wood and made a frame, then nailed 6 coasters at different levels so some stuck out higher than others. You can’t tell in this picture, but I promise – it’s very shabby chic. I was actually drawn to the pink and aqua one first, but knew I couldn’t buy it when this red one was sitting right next to it. It will look fab-u-lous in my kitchen.



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