Cleaning Machine!

My kitchen is so clean right now, you guys. Probably cleaner than when we moved in. Well maybe. We just have mopping left and then I will have a sparkly clean, completely reorganized kitchen. I can’t wait to cook in it! Our crockpots have homes, and our kitchen table LOOKS like a kitchen table! It’s the coolest thing! Haha. So I don’t think we are going to be cooking tonight…. I really really don’t want it to get messy. I’ll take pictures of the cleanness though, once we have everything in order.

Tomorrow’s plan is to clean the rest of the house that has gotten ignored today while our kitchen got completely revamped. Not as fun. But I do love a good vacuuming. And! Our Christmas stuff has all been put away. I feel so productive today. :)

Now if only football wasn’t on. I thought today was Saturday?! Ha.


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